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Sils Hysterectomy


Advanced laparoscopic procedures that may be performed through a single incision with the potential for no visible scar.

Minimally Invasive Surgery. Minimized.

At Covidien, we are dedicated to the creation and development of innovative surgical solutions. The SILS™ procedure has revolutionized endoscopic surgery with its wide-range of potential benefits.

The SILS™ technique involves placing multiple instruments through a single access point. The ability to articulate allows the surgeon to approach the surgical site from different angles, thereby restoring triangulation and improving visualization.

As a market leader in minimally invasive surgery and training, Covidien continually strives to meet the needs of today’s surgical community. The SILS™ Port, SILS™ Stitch articulating suturing device and the SILS™ articulating hand instruments offer greater precision and maneuverability.