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Obstetrics & Gynecology located in Amarillo, TX

After the retirement of my previous doctor, the search for a new one was daunting especiallyin todays world, I went to my insurance page and it told me that Dr. May was taking new patients, so I made the appointment. He was very courteous and to the point, and addressed all of my concerns. He and the nurse were very open and honest. I really appreciate that they started the consultation while I was fully dressed so I was only in the gown for a minimal amount of time. And that sheet used for my lower half was quite large, so I didn't feel overly exposed. Will definitely recommend.

Erika W. | Feb 28, 2024

Ashley saved my life. She is the most compassionate and sincere provider I have ever dealt with. She went WAY above and beyond the call of duty in my situation and without her I think I would have a much worse outcome. I cannot speak enough praise on her patient advocacy and patience and care. Highly recommend!

Kaylan C. | Feb 26, 2024

He. Is best dr I’ve had & im 67 years old. His manner is over the top

Krista E. | Feb 23, 2024

It was great!

Margaret H. | Feb 22, 2024

Excellent, thorough and passionate!

Emily M. | Feb 21, 2024

Dr Wilkerson always provides great service and care for her patients. She is very kind and patient!!! I always recommend her to my friends

Yanira T. | Feb 13, 2024

Great Experience!

Hoa T. | Feb 09, 2024

Dr Freeman , Kelcie and Jennifer are the best ! They are always very professional and kind. I’ve been coming to this office for 4 years now and I recommend this place to anyone who wants great care and great service. You can’t go wrong with any of the Physicians here.

Blanca P. | Feb 08, 2024

Dr. Payne and her team were so lovely. Made me feel very comfortable.

Harley L. | Feb 07, 2024